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autoRepairShopThe people of Jacksonville have spoken – Norman Bros. Auto Repair is a knowledgeable, honest and exceptional auto repair shop, which you have just got to try.

According to our Facebook page, for Lisa S. Conn, we’re the good and honest repair guy she’s always needed. For Joe Snyder, we’re the guys with ‘know how’, which is the key to a job well done! For Brad Minnix and Ira P Schwartz, we’re worthy of a five-star rating!

Now we want to be something good for you.

Visit us at 11445 San Jose Blvd in Jacksonville FL and enjoy a free A/C checkup, 10% military discount and competitively-priced vehicle repair and maintenance. Before leaving with your revived and fully-functioning car, tell us how you feel about our auto repair shop.

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Why are reviews important when picking an auto repair shop?

When you are choosing an auto repair shop to work on your vehicle, regardless of what the issue is, checking their online reviews is incredibly important. The presence of reviews on sites like Yelp, Facebook, and their Google Business page will let you get a better insight into what working with them will be like, and help you make an educated decision based on the past experiences of their customers. At Norman Bros. Auto Repair, we love having our customers leave us reviews, and would love for any of our potential customers to check them out! As our examples above show, we are an auto repair shop that wants to not only engage with our customers, but provide them with the best quality services possible. We believe that transparency, hard work, and honesty are the factors that lead to both customer satisfaction and business success, and strive to live up to that philosophy every day.

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Norman Bros. Auto Repair is committed to not just meeting your needs but to exceeding them. One simple yet effective way in which you can help us is by sharing your experiences and your expectations at our auto repair shop and how you felt you were treated as a customer.

Tell us what you liked and didn’t like. Tell us what you loved and hated. Tell us what you wanted and got, or what you wanted but couldn’t find. Your review will help us in two ways:

It will motivate us to keep delighting you with our vehicle repair and maintenance services, which in turn, will drive us to make our services, prices and offers even better than they are right now.

It will help us see where our auto repair shop falls short on your expectations scale, which in turn will help us eliminate any future lackluster experiences.

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Please tell us what you think about our auto repair shop in your review.